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Are you looking for adding image gallery to a website? Image gallery adds a better user experience on a website. It also helps us to place a large collection of photos together. Your visitors can see all your service related images in one place. In this tutorial, we study how to add image gallery to a WordPress website.

Why Need Of WordPress Image Gallery?

Image galleries are useful in displaying quality of your business’s product or services. It also helps to create a visually appealing website. Adding image gallery show your customers they can trust your company for the products or services you are offering.

Most of your users want to see photos to be convinced that your company product or services suitable for their needs. As a website owner, by showing a stunning image gallery you are telling your users how expertise you are in your work.

There are several gallery plugins available on plugin repository. Most of them are works very well and popular. One of them is FooGalley which is easy to use, retina-ready, fast, responsive and provides stunning gallery layouts.

FooPlugins has developed a fantastic WordPress image gallery plugin FooGallery. They offer both free and pro version of a plugin. User can checkout the various demos of a plugin here.

Other popular image gallery plugins are:

Getting Started

To get started, you need to first install and activate the plugin FooGallery.

Upon activation, you will find the menu ‘FooGallery’ on the left-hand side. This plugin comes with a free and paid extension which you will find at FooGallery->Extensions. Let’s say when we display the image gallery, on the click of each image it should open in lightbox. In that case, from the Extensions page download and activate the FooBox Free plugin.

Once downloads complete, success message would display with the link for activate plugin. Click on the link and activate a plugin.

We are now ready for adding our first gallery. Head over to FooGallery->Add Gallery page. On this page, you will find a lot of configuration option which you can give a try for. For the sake of our tutorial, we show you the basic configuration of a plugin.

Add a title, media, select Responsive Image Gallery from the drop-down.

Choose Full Size Image(Lightbox) option from Link To. From the Lightbox drop-down select FooBox.

Don’t forget to save your changes. You will get the shortcode for the just added gallery.

Display WordPress Image Gallery On A Website

We have created our first image gallery. Next thing needs to do is display this gallery on the front-end of a website. Go to any page/post edit screen where you want to add the gallery. The plugin adds a new button Add FooGallery next to the Add Media button of an editor.

Click on this button, it will open a modal window. From this modal window, you will get all your added gallery. Choose the preferred one and hit the Insert Gallery button.

Finally, save the changes to your page/post. When you visit the page your gallery will look like:

If you click on any of the images, it will show you a beautiful lightbox as follows:

We hope you understand of adding WordPress image gallery plugin. We would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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