How to Save Contact Form 7 Submissions to WordPress Database

Contact Form 7 is no doubt one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress repository. This plugin helps us to quickly create contact forms, customize mail content, etc. When the user fills out a contact form, the admin gets an email about the inquiry.

This is how this plugin works. But, if you are getting tons of emails from a website then it is difficult to manage all leads by going through each email and checking its content.

In this article, we discuss 2 plugins that store the Contact Form 7 submissions to the WordPress database. Additionally, they give a list of all records on the back end. It makes it easy to view all inquiries at a glance. The admin can also export all inquiry data to the CSV.

The major benefit of using these plugins is we get the inquiry details in our database even if the mail server stops working. That means the user fills out the contact form and hits the submit button. Due to some reasons, we did not get this inquiry in our inbox. Don’t worry, these plugins still store those inquiries in the database so we can see them later. In that way, it saves us from missing an important message.

You might also like to check out my plugin Connector – Contact Form 7 & Google Sheets. This plugin sends your Contact Form 7 entries to your Google Sheets. With the help of my plugin, you can connect as many forms with different Google Sheets(One Google Sheet per Contact Form).


Flamingo is a plugin developed by the author of the Contact Form 7 plugin. That makes this plugin more suitable for us who are looking to store Contact Form 7 submissions.

Install and activate the Flamingo plugin on your website. No need for any configuration of this plugin. Once activated, it starts storing all inquiries in the database directly.

You will see the menu ‘Flamingo’ of this plugin at the back end. From this page, you can view the list of all inquiries. We can filter the list on the basis of contact forms in case of multiple forms. If you wish you can export this list in the CSV format.


Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7

Another good plugin that works perfectly in storing Contact Form 7 submissions is Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7.

This plugin also provides the same features as provided by Flamingo.

Install and activate this plugin and you will get the menu ‘Contact Forms’ at the back end. This plugin also does not require any configurations.

This plugin lists all contact forms created on the first page. After selecting any contact form, the user will redirect to the list of inquiries of selected contact forms. From this second page, we can also export all data to the CSV.

cfb7 first page

cfdb7 second page

I hope you got to know about Contact Form 7 Submissions to the WordPress database. I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comment below.

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  1. When I install the ‘submissions’ plugin, would I get access to submissions made before the installation?

  2. How to get stored image with this plugin?
    If a user uploads an image, where is it stored and how to get it?

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