How to Split the Terminal on Windows OS

If you are a developer, you might works on multiple projects at a time. In the recent web development process, we widely used the terminals. And for every project, you might need a separate terminal. As a good developer, it does not seem a good workflow to use multiple terminals. Sometimes it becomes confusing to find out correct terminal among others for working directory. The better solution for it is split the terminal from a single screen. Doing so, you can easily pick up the correct terminal.

In this tutorial, we will discuss how a developer can split the terminals on the Windows platform. We found 2 solutions to split the terminal from a single screen on Windows OS – Cmder and tmux. Out of these in this article, we discuss Cmder which we found much easy compared to tmux.

Cmder is a portable console emulator for windows. tmux cannot run directly on Windows OS. If you are on Windows machine then you first need to run Linux subsystem inside windows and then you can use tmux over it.

When we split the terminal using Cmder it will look like the below screenshot. You can see we run git, npm, serve, docker commands in the separate directories. However, a developer can easily find their desired terminal and run the commands. They don’t need to switch between different terminal windows.

Split Terminal

How to Split the Terminal on Windows OS

Head over to the Cmder website and download the Cmder software from ‘Download’ section. We recommend downloading the full version as it comes with the git support. Extract the zip and from inside extracted directory click on ‘Cmder’ application. It will open a Cmder terminal.

Now to split the terminal, press Ctrl + t, from the popup choose To bottom or To right option from ‘New console split option’ and hit Start button.

Console Split

Let’s say you choose the To right option. So your terminal will look as follows:

Terminal Look

In the same way, you can play by selecting To bottom option and adjusting ‘%’ position.

UNIX Style Commands using Cmder

Apart from split the terminals, Cmder gives support for some UNIX style commands also. Few of them are:

ls: List of files and folders of current directory.
ls -a: To view hidden files.
touch filename: Create a File.
rm filename: Delete a file.
mv filename new_file_location: Move file to a new location.
mv filename newfilename: Renaming a file.
mkdir directoryname: Creates a directory.
rmdir directoryname: Removes a directory.
mv directoryname newdirectoryname: Renaming a directory.

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