Improve Website Performance By Using Lazy Load Images

Website speed plays important role in your business. But, there are some factors which can affect the speed of your website. One of them is your heavy images. Heavy or uncompressed images can definitely kill your website speed. You must compress your images before use on the website. Lazy load images also help to improve site performance.

Meaning Of Lazy Load Images

Lazy load images do not load until user scrolls to them. That way, your browser does not load all images which will reduce the size of the webpage. As a result, your webpage loads fast.

How To Use It?

Some pluging available which provides a way for lazy loading your images. Out of them I am using Lazy Load.

Let’s see how to use this jQuery Plugin.

First you need to install this plugin by either of following way. You need to install bower or npm.

  • – $ bower install jquery.lazyload
  • – $ npm install jquery-lazyload

Once installed, include the jquery.lazyload.js file using the