How To Install WordPress Packages In Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. Sublime Text provides packages for WordPress development. Using these packages, development process of WordPress becomes smooth and fast. In this article, we study how to install WordPress packages in Sublime Text.

What Is Packages In Sublime Text?

Packages are a collection of resource files used by Sublime Text.

Did you ever observe, in some editors like Visual Studio, JCreator etc, we start typing code and a pre-populated list appears related to typed words? And when we select any option from the list, we got some lines of code automatically.

By installing WordPress packages in a Sublime text, we get the same behavior which helps us to improve code accuracy and saves a lot of time. We don’t need to go Google each time to check how to write a specific method.

One more benefit of using WordPress packages is you would notice some extra functions that you still not aware of.

Install Package Control In Sublime Text

If you are installing package first time, then you have to first add ‘Package Control’ code in your Sublime Text editor. Below are the steps for it.

  • Get the Package Control code from here. Copy the code considering your version of Sublime Text.
  • Go to ‘View’ and click on ‘Show Console’. (Shortcut key: ctrl+`)
  • In the free text-field paste the code you have copied and press Enter.
  • Restart Your Sublime Text.


Install WordPress Packages In Sublime Text

At this stage, we are ready to install packages in our Sublime Text. To install WordPress packages, Go to Preferences->Package Control and type install. Refer the below screenshot.


After the above step, Sublime will start loading repositories and prompt you with some packages. Type ‘WordPress’ in the free text box.


You can see a bunch of WordPress related packages. Go ahead and install it one by one. It will open the door for a lot of useful resources which can help you in a WordPress development.

We hope you understand to install WordPress packages in Sublime Text. If you have any questions or suggestions please share it in the comments below.

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