Move Zip File From Server To Server Using Ajax

This is a quick post on the topic of move zip file from server to server using Ajax. Recently, I have worked on the similar task for one of my client website. It may be helpful for someone so I decided to write a post on it.

For this article, I am assuming you have a submit button and you need to fetch zip file from another server. Let’s say server path for a zip file is

Place the below code in your file. In this file, we are giving an Ajax call on the clicking of a button. To the Ajax file, we send a source path of a zip file.

<input type="button" class="submit" value="Submit">

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	$(function() {
		$('body').on('click', '.submit', function() {
				type: 'POST',
				url: 'ajax.php',
				data: {'source' : ''},
				success:function(response) {

Next, in ajax.php file we write actual code to move zip file from server to server. Below is the code in ajax.php file.

$arr_file = explode("/", $_POST['source']);
$filename = end($arr_file);

file_put_contents($filename, file_get_contents($_POST['source']));

echo 'success';

That’s It. I hope you understand how to move zip file from server to server using Ajax. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below. Please read our related articles Ajax File Upload With PHP And jQuery and Drag And Drop File Upload Using JavaScript And PHP.

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