How to Run Laravel Artisan Commands in Sublime Text

Are you looking to run Laravel Artisan commands in Sublime Text? Sublime Text is a popular text editor that provides a bundle of packages to make the development process easy. In this article, we study how to install the Laravel Artisan package which helps us to run Artisan commands in Sublime Text.

What is Artisan Commands?

Laravel is one of the most popular framework. If you love clean and neat code then Laravel should be your choice for building a web application.

When we install Laravel, it provides a command-line interface called ‘Artisan Console’. This command-line interface provides useful commands that assist you while building a web application. The user can run these commands from their command prompt.

But, if you are using a Sublime Text then you do not need to use any command-line tool. You can run Artisan commands directly within Sublime Text. It requires you to install the Laravel Artisan package in Sublime Text.

Install Laravel Artisan Package

If you are installing a package first time, then you need to install Package Control in your Sublime Text editor. Below are the steps for it.

  • Open the Command Palette of Sublime Text. On Windows machine type ctrl+shift+p. For Mac type cmd+shift+p.
  • Type Install Package Control and press Enter.

Upon installing Package Control, we are ready to install the Laravel Artisan Package.

Go to Preference->Package Control and type ‘install’. Refer to the below screenshot.


After clicking on the Install Package, Sublime Text will start loading repositories and prompt you with few packages. Type ‘Laravel 5 Artisan’ in a free text box.


Click on the package and Sublime Text will install it automatically. You will also get the submenu ‘Laravel 5’ under the ‘Tools’.

Run Laravel Artisan Commands in Sublime Text

At this stage, we have installed our package. Now, it’s time to use it.

Go to Tools->Laravel 5. Click on ‘Laravel 5’ and you will see a list of the commands. From this list, select any one command you wish to run.


That’s it! I hope you learned running Artisan commands in Sublime Text. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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  1. i have watched your video regarding this , but i am getting error in status of sublime “Artisan not found” when i click on “Laravel: make Controller”, plz help me how to fix it

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