Set Flat Rate Shipping Cost Per Country In WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugin of WordPress. This plugin and their add-ons provide a rich set of features which covers almost every possible requirements of a user. In this article, we study one of the feature of WooCommerce which set flat rate shipping cost per country.

Why Need To Set Flat Rate Shipping Cost Per Country

If you are running an online store where you sell the physical products all over the world. To ship the product in another country you need to charge the customer extra shipping cost along with the product price. But again, shipping cost is not the same for all country. Depends on geolocation, you need to set different shipping price(flat rate) for a country.

Steps To Set Flat Rate Shipping Cost Per Country

It is very easy to set shipping price for a country. You just need to follow process mentioned below.

First, login to your dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce->Settings page. On settings page, you have to click on Add shipping zone button.

WooCommerce Shipping Menu

On the Shipping zone form, enter the details of the country you want to set shipping rate.

For instance, I set India as zone regions. For zone name I enter ‘India zone’. Next, click on the button Add shipping method.

Shipping Method Button

After clicking on the button Add shipping method, it will open a pop-up window where you should select the ‘Flat rate’ from the dropdown and click the button Add shipping method.

Flat Rate Option

It will add ‘Flat rate’ in your shipping method table.

Flat Rate Column

Now click on the ‘Flat Rate’, a pop-up window will appear. Here, you can set the price which would act like flat rate.

Set Flat Rate Value

That’s the process. You can repeat the same process for each respective country.

Now, when a customer from India try to purchase your product they have to pay product price plus shipping rate which is set at the back-end.

I hope you understand how to set flat rate shipping cost in WooCommerce. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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