How To Solve Skype And Wamp Conflict

Are you facing a problem of Skype and Wamp conflict? Skype is a must have software in the IT industry. One can not work without Skype in the company, at the home or somewhere else if you are a software professional.

I also use Skype for communication with my colleagues, clients and partners. One more software I use which is also necessary for me. For my local project development, I use WampServer.

In the starting days, I had a problem when I was using both Skype and WampServer together. If you have logged in Skype before starting WampServer then your server could not start. Its tray icon remains red. It does not turn to green. So, in that case, what I was doing is, logged out Skype, restart WampServer, once it is started then logged in to Skype again. Every time I was doing the same process.

Why Does Skype And Wamp Conflict?

Skype and WampServer both software’s use port 80 that’s why they get conflicted. When I logged in Skype, WampServer unable to get port 80 so it failed to start.

How To Resolve Skype And Wamp Conflict?

  • Log on to Skype
  • Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connections and uncheck the box “use port 80 and 443 as alternative”.

I hope you understand how to solve Skype and Wamp conflict. For any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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